NEDA Live at Fed Square

Neda’s band and dancers took to the stage to deliver an electro carnival. Over the next two months Neda will be sharing her stage and costumes tips.  Look our her 3 designer contacts, all Victoria based and 100% fabulous.




Photo Credit: Michelle Grace Hunder

Neighbourhood House Collingwood

Curated by All Colour Project member Joshua Tavares. Neda and Raphael Recht we’re invited to share stories, songs, dances and lunch, cooked by Neda with the local talented kids at the Collingwood community Kitchen.





Photo Credit: Raphael Recht

Nuku Rocks!

Shout outs to Deon Nuku for being the best choreographer in my world! 

Deon has been choreographing with my songs and projects over the years! I’m excited to announce that we are putting our heads together again. Deon’s skills span over several genres of dance and creative projects and I’ve enjoyed seeing the larger stadium spectacular projects he’s done over the years. 

He is one of my favourite all round blokes in the dance scene and is a pleasure to have by my side dancing onstage with my backing dancers. 


NEDA – Presents – Samba Reggae

Neda pays tribute to her influences Mark Grunden, Vincent Lamberti and Edval Santos by presenting a colourful and generous Samba Reggae Concert at Melbournes Fed Square.


Samba Reggae is a style of music – a genre from Bahia Brazil.

It is a blend of Brazillian samba with Jamaican reggae as typified by bob Marley.

Neda learnt Samba Reggae in 1997 when as dancer she interpreted it as THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD.

Years later Neda found herself researching and developing her skills as a percussionist and performer visiting Brazil studying and playing Samba Reggae and its variations with the greats-  Olodum, Ile Aiye and Dida.


Years in Australia and six months of Percussion and dance classes in Brazil left Neda with new attitude to music and its active social purpose. She now understood why Bob Marley had so influenced the first Samba Reggae creators and why this had become such a strong influence in Bahia Brazil. It was almost a political statement ! They chose to play slower, chose lower pitched instruments, a reggae back beat, songs of positivity and strength and a new clave!


Neda Presents Water Song


Photography By Damian Vincenzi Photography.

Neda Live in Concert

Presenting her latest original compositions written to embrace Melbourne’s current cultural arts scene.

Accompanied by her live band and dancers Neda makes a carnival entry and then presents ‘Water Song’.

Water song is an attempt to address the need to create a modern and relevant ritual – addressing Australia’s first peoples and custodians of the land and an artistic gesture that apologises for the moving of natural waterways. It acknowledges mother natures power to return and restore all wrong.

Neda Performs with her All colour project dancers with Gourd bowls in hand a symbol of water vessels that all human ancestors used as a common thread of Multicultural heritage throughout all of our clans evolutions.



Freeplay 2015 Festival Launch Guest Speaker

Neda was invited by Dan Goulding to speak on artist flow, sharpening you will power, Arts Community and Creativity.

It was Freeplay’s 1st Video Gamers Conference and it was held at The Channel at Melbourne’s Arts Centre

The afternoon was filld with fantastic speakers and video game artists alike.




Melbourne Music Week – Section 8

Neda and her Tumbarumba drummers worked with Curator Linda Catalano the overattend Section 8 Zoo

With over 2000 RSVPs you can imagine the lines wrapping around the city square outdoor club.

Neda arrived with her drummers in a Little Red Truck taking over and enhancing the celebrations with live Brazilian drumming.

Section 8_02

Section 8_04

Tumbarumba Drummer Julian Goyma

Section 8_10

Section 8_15

Salvador, Gerald, Neda, Alex, Luis & Julian

Section 8_16

Atlantic AIME Opening Ceremony Performance

WATER SONG by Neda- her take on modern water rituals.

Neda sings the waters story and suggests that as a Multicultural Australia we can create new rituals to respect the water that we all rely on for life.

This 15 min song and the beautiful dance and multi media that accompany it is a gesture to create spirituality through live performance.



Water song incorporates the Gourd found in all of our cultural heritage as a water vessel.




Around the world in 808 Bass – Written by Neda and Rhyno

A song Written to get the audience bouncing along with the Dancers !



Hot Hot Heat was also Performed at Atlantic for the AIME  Delegates..