NEDA – Presents – Samba Reggae

Neda pays tribute to her influences Mark Grunden, Vincent Lamberti and Edval Santos by presenting a colourful and generous Samba Reggae Concert at Melbournes Fed Square.


Samba Reggae is a style of music – a genre from Bahia Brazil.

It is a blend of Brazillian samba with Jamaican reggae as typified by bob Marley.

Neda learnt Samba Reggae in 1997 when as dancer she interpreted it as THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD.

Years later Neda found herself researching and developing her skills as a percussionist and performer visiting Brazil studying and playing Samba Reggae and its variations with the greats-  Olodum, Ile Aiye and Dida.


Years in Australia and six months of Percussion and dance classes in Brazil left Neda with new attitude to music and its active social purpose. She now understood why Bob Marley had so influenced the first Samba Reggae creators and why this had become such a strong influence in Bahia Brazil. It was almost a political statement ! They chose to play slower, chose lower pitched instruments, a reggae back beat, songs of positivity and strength and a new clave!